Details About Choosing The Correct Audio Leads For Your Equipment

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Audio leads are more common than ever, with new equipment being released on to the market every day that connects to external speakers and sound systems.  Audio leads and cables have become an essential part of linking up sound systems, and making use of the new sound technology that is available today. But there are so many different types that it can be hard to know where to start.

The most common types of audio cable are the phono leads.  You have more than likely used these at some stage.  They connect plenty of audio visual devices to sound devices, therefore allowing them to communicate with each other.  A common example is a games console that uses phono audio leads or RGB cables which come in the form of a red, yellow and white variation, or sometimes just red and black.  These can often be used as an alternative to a SCART lead in order to connect a DVD player to a TV.

There are various standards and styles of audio leads, and phono leads will often come in a variety of different sizes, for example 2.5mm or 3.5mm.  These different sizes will be dictated by the size of the jack that the lead is designed to fit in.  It is essential that you purchase the correct sized lead to fit the jack on your equipment. Always check your equipment instructions to find the correct size and style of lead required.

QED audio leads offer a very high quality level of sound to advanced sound systems and devices, and there are even specific types of audio cables for camcorders and other digital devices.

Most audio cables are quite generic and will work with most brands and types of equipment but some specialist equipment and specific brands will sometimes require their own particular type of audio cable.  In this case, it is again always worth checking your product manual to make sure that you purchase the correct audio leads that are required to get the best out of your equipment. By far the easiest place to purchase audio leads is from an online store. 

These often allow a simple search function that makes it quick and easy to simply type in the type of cable your require, by referring to your user manual, and then being presented with the correct cable straight away.  This will ensure that you get the correct cable and will very often result in cheaper prices compared to the high street as well.

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Details About Choosing The Correct Audio Leads For Your Equipment

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Details About Choosing The Correct Audio Leads For Your Equipment

This article was published on 2012/03/19