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Technology, another upgrade, launch the world's first full-flow TV. It fully supports streaming media (U disk, mobile

Hard disk

), Personal streaming media (DC,




) And network streaming (online video stream and audio stream), etc. all streaming media device, easy to read JPG,


, MP3 and other streaming media, the whole document is a true "family of digital product display center." Haier the first to seize the opportunity to launch the streaming TV, for TV and various digital devices a platform interoperability.

Innovation continuously to meet customer needs

Streaming television is the TV industry a step forward, Haier is also a dedicated TV innovation to consumers through a gift. With the improvement of living standards, the increasing popularity of various types of digital products, digital products and the interoperability of television as a new consumer demand.

Streaming TV into the mainstream development of the industry trend of rapid development into the fast lane. With the accelerating trend of 3C integration, the increasing popularity of various types of digital products, consumer products television streaming media compatibility, scalability has also put a higher demand.


Intellectual property rights

Ensure product performance advantages

Streaming TV to satisfy all the users of new consumer demand, which quickly spread, become common practice in the market. Haier All streaming TV has 16 patents, and the only independent intellectual property rights, thus upgrading the product performance and has more advantages. Haier All streaming media television industry with the current state of the art streaming technology, so picture quality, sound quality, compatibility has been substantially improved; while also enhancing the product's features unlimited upgrade, if future technology upgrades, users simply download the software into the TV copy upgrade can be achieved in the enhanced product availability.



Full-streaming TV has expanded to a full range of products of Haier TV, from the

Liquid crystal

To plasma, digital CRT TVs spread across the board, the product specifications from 21 inches to 60 inches, is currently on the market's broadest family of new products.

Own brand

Export win

Streaming TV has become the mainstream TV market products, according to statistics of Sino Haier streaming television to 62.4% market share in the domestic market came out top. Rapid pull streaming TV Haier TV brand also influence domestic and foreign markets rapid increases in exports of its own brand first. In Europe, Haier streaming TV in one fell swoop at the IFA exhibition was 100 million euros on large orders, known as "China's flat panel TV the first single."

To meet the growing market demand, the latest built in Qingdao Haier, China's largest TV production base of streaming media, streaming media make Haier TV in the manufacturing, technology and quality to meet international advanced level.

Now, all streaming media TV at least more than similar products currently on the market than a generation to generations, is the most cutting-edge 3C television products, it will profoundly change the lives of consumers, entertainment, and work .
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Haier: Introducing The World's First Full Streaming Media Tv - Haier, Television, Streaming

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This article was published on 2011/01/03