Nothing is easier than sending a video message from PC to Mobile

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The concept of video message and video mail


One of the recent breakthroughs in the arena of mobile communications and mobile technologies is video messaging service. Visual clips which have images in motion have been of great appeal to people since the time it first did the rounds. The same craze of videos has not only continued since then, but it has also shot up.


Videos are no longer restricted to televisions or giant screens. They have made their way through computers, and now, mobile phones. As soon as mobile phones come into the scenario, one of the first few words sure to pop up in mind is: message. It is human nature to communicate; to share; to get feedback. Thus, comes in video message.


A video message is simply a visual clip which you can send to someone on their phone. The receiver can view the visual clip on their phone uninterrupted. Visual clips have often been more effective when it concerned depicting some incidents or moments which are beyond words.


On the other hand a similar visual clip when sent to a person’s e-mail address is known as a video mail, for obvious reasons. Video mail is familiar since a long time now, but the only limitation that it had was that, it could only be possible through computers. Now, mobile phones can also be used to send a visual clip via mail, provided they have internet connectivity.


Differences between VMMS and MMS


Yes, visual clips have been in the form of MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), but VMS (video messaging service) or VMMS (video messaging and mailing service) has overcome the limitations of MMS. Read on to know why video message or a video mail is becoming popular than MMS these days.


Size: To begin with, MMS limits people with a particular size which is 382kb, crossing people face certain problems to send video clips, using the same service. Video message on the other side have a greater size limit, saving cost and time.


Memory: Unlike an MMS, a VMS or a VMMS has a system where there is a central memory. The clip that you send or receive is stored in that central memory. Thus, there is no need to worry if there is enough memory on the recipients’ phone before you share a video clip of your choice. Irrespective of the space left on the phone or the memory sticks, you can send or receive a video clip with ease.


Security: Multimedia messages are downloadable and thus can have VIRUS. On the other hand the video clips are not downloadable on any device. They are viewed by streaming, which is also known as progressive download. Thus, there is no scope for VIRUS attack on your phone.


Cost: While MMS charge you quite a bit, most video message and video mail service providers offer you the same for a much lower cost. Needless to say, in such a setting VMS or VMMS is getting all the brownie points, leaving MMS far behind. 


How to get VMMS?


There are a number of applications and services which will allow you to send video message and also video mail from your phone. A lot of service providers let the video message to be viewed on any platform, be it a computer or a mobile phone. All you need is internet connection to be able to view or send a video message or a video mail.


What does VMMS have for users?


VMMS lets the users share any visual clip with their close ones at low cost either as a message or as mail. These services of visual clip message and video mail have taken communication to a new level once again. Now everything can be shared in motion, and not just a few words.


How do advertisers gain from VMMS?


Advertisers can reach to their target audience without beating around the bush, and need I go into the details of viral marketing too? As your target audience views a video message you can place in your ad and get views. You can also add in a link and get more traffic to your web page.




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Nothing is easier than sending a video message from PC to Mobile

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Nothing is easier than sending a video message from PC to Mobile

This article was published on 2011/10/23