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Many people choose stream trout fishing because of its gentle pace. There are many types of trout coming through the streams, they are all fed off rivers. For example, in Scotland, you will find a few sea trout. It may seem strange but the sea trout work the way up the rivers and then odd few filter into the streams.


Generally though when fishing in streams you are normally looking at catching brown trout.


This is one of the most common trout on our streams worldwide.


When you decide to venture down to your local stream to catch some trout, there are some things you need to remember.


First is your size of rod. Being on a stream you do not need normal size rod, so go for something smaller and also take into consideration the way you cast.


Things some people do not think about are noise, vision, reflection.


I will explain what I mean by these three points.


When you go down to the stream quite a few are shallow at some points and have debris and plantation in them and these are where trout can be hiding. So when you are finding your spot, keep quiet and do not make any sound. The trout can hear you.


The second point is Vision. Yes vision, trout can actually see you.


Try and wear camouflaged clothing when you go so they cannot see you that well.


If they see you, it's going to be a bad day catch wise!


One more trout fishing tip, on a sunny day try not to wear reflective sunglasses.


I have seen this many a time and the anglers have not caught anything and wonder why.


The reflections on the water will keep the trout away.


You have to make sure your preparations are thought out when you are going up against the good old trout fish!


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Stream Trout Fishing

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This article was published on 2010/08/04