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One of the more surprising handsets in the current crop of smartphones due for release is the new Acer Stream. The manufacturer has successfully produced a handset that can rightly challenge the likes of HTC and Samsungs thanks to excellent specification and a stylish design.

The Acer Stream is one of the many handsets working on the ever popular Android Platform. This model uses version 2.1 and users will appreciate the user friendliness of the whole system, as well as the multitude of applications that the platform now offers. Backed up by a Snapdragon processor clocking 1Ghz, the Stream performs at an exceptional speed, with loading times particularly fast. 512MB of RAM comes with the phone in addition to 2GB of on board storage. This should suffice for everyday use but memory can be increased up to 32GB by adding a micro SD card. This will particalarly please fans wanting to use the media features that are available. The user interface differs from many of the handsets currently available. The makers have opted for a single split homescreen in favour of multiple homescreens. This means the display always shows 8 icons at the bottom of the screen. These icons are links to the common features of the phone such as messaging and the phone book. Above these there are 3 individual columns that display date and time, media facilities and most frequently used applications. This may seem a little complicated but thanks to the 3.7" display, nothing seems too cramped. The screen looks very vivid and can show a WVGA resolution of 480 x 800.

A wealth of media features are on offer with the new Acer Stream. The handset performs admirably as a portable audio player. The huge memory potential is a major plus point as is the 3.5mm headphone jack, making a wide range of headphones available for use with the phone. With regards to formats, a wide range can be handled including eAAC+ and MP3. Video capture is really eye catching thanks to high definition. The phone shoots footage at 24 frames per second with 720P resolution. The result is crystal clear pictures that would not look out of place if they were shot on a dedicated video camera. Watching your footage at home is made simple thanks to a HDMI socket. The still camera facility is fairly standard, offering 5 million pixels with an autofocus feature. The Acer Stream is every bit the perfect smartphone. The technically minded will appreciate the excellent processor and platform, whereas fans of media facilities will find plenty to keep them occupied.

The Acer Stream and the Nokia E7 are coming soon.

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This article was published on 2010/09/18